Lunaphore Technologies AG

Driving cancer research forward thanks to microfluidic technology. Lunaphore Technologies SA has been working since 2014 to support researchers in improving future cancer diagnostic tests and personalized therapies: With ultra-fast tissue analysis, the Lausanne-based biotech scale-up is revolutionizing the market of cancer research. Its "LabSat®" examination device can not only automate sophisticated tests with the highest quality of results, but also perform them 10 times faster than conventional systems.

The heart of the device is a microfluidic chip that encases the tissue sample. With the help of "Fast Fluidic Exchange Technology", antibodies then the sample, staining the tissue to highlight the presence of one or more biomarkers. Cancer researchers perform these tests to gain understanding about the tumor micro-environment. This enables doctors to determine the origin and type of cancer during the biopsy and decide on the further course of treatment.

This high-precision technology was developed by the founding team of Lunaphore: Déborah Heintze, Ata Tuna Ciftlik and Diego Gabriel Dupouy. They were convincing with the "LabSat®" from the very beginning: As early as 2018, the young company received the Swiss Technology Award in the "Start-ups" category. One year later, Lunaphore Technologies SA successfully entered the Cancer Research Market.