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The SEF.Academy connects the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow. Participants will have the chance to take part in Ina Toegel’s IMD workshop and learn how to future-proof their team.  

Participants not only have the opportunity to expand their network but also to actively participate on the second day of the SEF.24. In addition, their participation at the SEF. Academy workshop secures them a ticket for the SEF.25.  

The SEF.Academy is for young leaders who… 

  • are between 28 and 40 years old. 

  • have Management Experience and Budget responsibility. 

  • are Company decision-makers. 

  • committed to Switzerland’s entrepreneurial and sustainable future. 

Registration is open until 14 April. Details about the SEF. Academy can be found below. 



  • Date: 6 June 2024 (SEF.Academy Workshop) and 7 June 2024 (regular SEF-Participation)  

  • Venue: Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, Höhenweg 211, 3800 Interlaken 

  • Language: English (no translation will be provided)  

What can you expect?  

At SEF.Academy, we delve into the critical role of teamwork in today's evolving landscape. While organizations increasingly recognize its importance, many teams still function suboptimally, missing out on potential synergies and succumbing to dysfunctional relationships.  

Join IMD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change Ina Toegel in this transformative workshop, where she introduces a four-step approach to creating psychological safety and cultivating high-performance teams. Explore the strategic sequence of these steps to elevate your team's performance.  

The SEF.Academy interactive workshop employs short lectures, group discussions, and self-reflection exercises. Participants will actively test tools for fostering alignment and trust, engaging in dedicated group work to exchange insights and network with other young leaders. 

Learn from Professor Toegel how to future-proof your team and how leaders can address challenges by investing in team relationships. 


Michelle Stoffel, Community-Manager
SEF.Academy, +41 31 334 88 42