INTERLAKEN | 1 / 2 September 2021

The Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) is Switzerland’s leading economic conference. Every year, 1,350 leading personalities from business, academia, politics and the media meet in Interlaken for an active exchange of ideas and cross-industry networking.


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The coro­na cri­sis presents many com­pa­nies with fun­da­men­tal chal­lenges. At SEF.2021 we want to look into the future. Has Switzerland’s lib­er­al demo­c­ra­t­ic basic order passed the “coro­na stress test”? What last­ing marks will the pan­dem­ic leave behind in the econ­o­my, pol­i­tics and soci­ety? And has the rela­tion­ship between employ­ers and employ­ees and between the Swiss Con­fed­er­a­tion and the can­tons changed? 

The SEF.2021 aims to encour­age you to explore new ways to strength­en the econ­o­my and Switzer­land as a busi­ness loca­tion in the long term.