Photogallery 3 | 25 years of the Swiss Economic Forum: Patric Spahni

Patric Spahni has been involved as a photographer ever since the second Swiss Economic Forum. He was brought on board by Peter Stähli and Stefan Linder, and in the early years was exclusively responsible for photographing the event.

“I was always completely worn out by the Friday evening, and my cameras also needed some attention. On top of this came the fact that I was still using analogue equipment for the first two or three years. Unthinkable today.”

One of his more memorable experiences at the SEF was when former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder spontaneously decided to break with protocol and walk along the lake from Schadau Castle to the Schadausaal.

Today, Patric is responsible for photographing all of the action on the main stage.