People 6 | 25 Years of Swiss Economic Forum: Selina Studer

«A surreal event with admirable personalities that I only knew from the media. » That’s Selina Studer’s memory of her first SEF experience four years ago when the now 24-year-old attended the SEF.NextGen Summer Camp. Her initial nervousness quickly disappeared, however. «CEOs, managers and representatives from politics, academia and the media are also just human beings», says Studer. «Thanks to the SEF, I am now more self-assured and open in discussions with older and more experienced people. »

Studer has remained loyal to the SEF, leading four NextGen camps where the young participants are faced with tough business challenges from companies such as Alpiq or the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. «I am constantly amazed at just how many of the next generation are interested in entrepreneurship and in some cases even running their own businesses already», says Studer. According to her, the most important thing about the SEF is that it brings together like-minded individuals who share the same values. «You just wouldn’t come across these people so quickly otherwise. »

A speech by the American director and YouTube star Casey Neistat made a lasting impression on Studer. Once a penniless pot washer, after rising to fame on social media he was commissioned by Nike to shoot a commercial. «Instead of shooting a professional video, he used the budget to travel around the world, filmed his trip on a mobile phone and posted it on YouTube», says Studer. «The video was a huge success, as it was creative, new and witty. What this shows me is that day-to-day business should also involve an element of fun. »

Studer is currently studying Digital Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. Alongside her studies, she works as an innovation strategist at 89grad, the Bern-based innovation hub for software and hardware projects. The SEF has also played a role in her professional life: «It was the Swiss Economic Forum network that brought me to my current employer. »

Recorded by Mirko Plüss