Community 6 | Swiss Economic Forum 25 years: SEF.Founder with Peter Hostettler

Peter Hostettler is a member of the SEF network, as he won the SEF.Award in 2004 and is a SEF founding member.

The awards ceremony at SEF back then was a remarkable and emotional experience, and still holds a special place in his heart. It is one major moment he will certainly never forget.

What he appreciates about SEF is the fact that you can meet so many people there, particularly people you would not have access to in other circumstances. The network and the discussions in the SEF.Founder community are very valuable to him: these connections have helped him and his business move forward.

In the video, he recalls the start-up community in Switzerland in 1996, which was very different. Everything was smaller back then. Even today, one of the most important values he cultivates is discussing matters with other entrepreneurs. He can always learn something, take something away from or pass something on as part of the experience.