Community 4 | Swiss Economic Forum 25 years: SEF.Award with Caspar Coppetti

Caspar Coppetti won the SEF.Award together with his partners in 2014 and is part of the SEF network.

In the video, we look back almost 10 years with Coppetti and he remembers the time when it was still trembling, hoping and fighting. Back then, he was impressed by the quality of the people on the jury who took so much time to listen to startups. Today, he gets to be part of that jury himself and tries to create a pleasant atmosphere for the startups. Because he can well put himself in the situation before a pitch and the nervousness around it all - he didn't feel any different back then.

Winning the SEF.Award was a milestone for On, opened many important doors and friendships were formed. Every year he looks forward to being at SEF and seeing all these people again. It feels like a class reunion.