Community 2 | Swiss Economic Forum 25 years: SEF.Growth with Cyrill Gyger

Cyrill Gyger was awarded the exclusive SEF.Growth High Potential Label for QUMEA in 2022 and is a member of the SEF network.

He looks back with pride on the work accomplished as part of the complex due diligence process and talks in the video about how the process was very valuable in its own right, and how he made plenty of new business and personal contacts and derived a lot of value from these.

What he appreciates about the SEF.Growth community in particular is that encounters are respectful and on an equal footing. One aspect of the community he would single out is that while business is the driver of the community, interactions are very good-natured and go beyond the superficial.

QUMEA provides an early warning system that optimises workflows for nursing staff in hospitals and care facilities so that they can focus on what is most important: the patient.