Photo gallery 2 | 25 years of the Swiss Economic Forum: Romel Janeski

Romel Janeski has worked as a photographer at the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) on no fewer than 20 occasions already. At the SEF, he is chiefly responsible for capturing ‘off the record’ events and meetings. One aspect of his work at the SEF that will never cease to fascinate him is plunging into the backstage side of the economic world and visualising it:

“The SEF promotes a networking culture that lets major players in the Swiss economy hold discussions directly with important international figures that are not intended for the general public. It’s truly a great privilege and honour for me to be allowed to stay for such a long time, listen in and visually portray the conference. 

One particular moment that gave me goosebumps was the VIP Special with Chesley B. Sullenberger at SEF.2011, which I was able to photograph. The pilot landed a damaged commercial aircraft on the Hudson River in 2009, saving the lives of all 155 people on board. Hearing the story from his own point of view was really awe-inspiring.” 

He discovered his passion for photography in his younger days.  He has been a renowned photographer since 2004 and specialises in portraits, commercial photography and video.

Having the right know-how of the most recent technology in the world and the various forms of visual imagery is just one aspect of his success. But Romel believes it is just as important to set up pictures correctly so he can generate added value for his clients.


His regular clients include not only NZZ Connect for the SEF but also Mobiliar, UBS and Raiffeisen Bank. He is the founder of Identity 4 KMU, which provides web design, media production and communications.