Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel

Co-Founder & CEO , ada Learning

Miriam Meckel is an award-winning journalist, professor, and entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ada learning, a digital platform for innovative organizational development, and has held a professorship in communication management at the University of St. Gallen since 2005. Previously, she was the first female Editor in Chief and Publisher of WirtschaftsWoche, Germany’s leading business magazine. For several years, she worked in communications consulting at the Brunswick Group and established its Berlin office. For one legislative period, she worked as a government spokesperson and State Secretary for Media and International Affairs in the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister.



«AI will impact everything»

Quantum-based AI will bring the next revolution

«Artificial intelligence will change absolutely every industry,» Miriam Merkel told the Technology Outlook panel at SEF. «But we should see it in a positive light. Because we can become more productive in quite a lot of areas thanks to AI.» As a manager, it is important to clarify the following three questions, said the professor of information management at the HSG. Do I know the subject well enough to recognise and absorb important trends for my industry? How do I train my employees so that the new technologies can be implemented and used quickly? How quickly can I implement the innovations to maintain my competitive advantage?

The second panellist Dario Gil sees, thanks to current AI, mainly an improved quality of linguistic interactions, for example in customer service. However, quantum computing will bring the next revolution, according to the senior vice president and director of research at IBM. «Today's artificial intelligence depends on huge amounts of data from the past. A new quantum-based AI will be able to develop its own solutions without much existing information.»

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