Peter Jakob

CEO, Jakob Rope Systems, Trubschachen

Peter Jakob is CEO of Jakob Rope Systems, a leading international manufacturer of architectural ropes and rope nets. The company is also active in the rope and lifting technology markets. Peter Jakob is constantly driving the growth of his company by developing new products and services, entering new markets and investing for the long term in the company’s sites in Trubschachen (Switzerland) and Saigon (Vietnam). The architecture of the site in Vietnam has received several awards.
Jakob Ropes Systems operates in over 40 countries worldwide. 112 people work at the Swiss site in Trubschachen. The site in Vietnam employs around 500 people.

As Chairman of the Board of the SCL Tigers, Peter Jakob has been committed to the development of the ice sports region Langnau im Emmental since 2009.



«Only people make a difference. If you manage to gather the best around you, then you have already achieved a lot. »

Under the motto «Hidden Champions», three members of the management boards of traditional Swiss family businesses discussed the current challenges facing Swiss SMEs with moderator Urs Gredig.

It is an incredible gift that we can work here in Switzerland», Peter Jakob, CEO of Jakob Rope Systems with locations in Trubschachen and Saigon, Vietnam, emphasised right at the beginning of the panel. There is so much that is good here and so much complaining about the few bad things. Jakob mentioned the Corona pandemic as an example. While elsewhere numerous companies and individuals had lost everything, unemployment in Switzerland was already at a record low again shortly after the pandemic, Jakob expressed his gratitude.

The related shortage of skilled workers is again causing a lot of trouble for the Röthlisberger joinery in Gümligen, as CFO Beat Röthlisberger, a fourth-generation member of the management board, said. For the manufacturer of a premium furniture collection and provider of customised interior design, highly qualified craftsmen are essential. «It is a big challenge for us to keep and motivate people or even to attract new ones. »,

Meanwhile, Sandra Banholzer, CEO of the Kreuzlingen-based herbal shampoo manufacturer Rausch since 2021, is busy positioning Rausch's natural body care products even better. «With our products, we meet the zeitgeist perfectly; we have always produced sustainably. But that hasn't quite sunk in with the young public yet, » says the sales expert. Changing this is Banholzer's mission as the first CEO who is not from the family.

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