Paul Bulcke

Präsident des Verwaltungsrats, Nestlé AG

Paul Bulcke ist seit April 2017 Präsident des Verwaltungsrats der Nestlé AG, Vizepräsident des Verwaltungsrats der L’Oréal AG (Frankreich) und Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats der Roche Holding Ltd. (Schweiz). Er ist Vorsitzender der Community of Chairpersons des Weltwirtschaftsforums (WEF), Mitglied des European Round Table (ERT), Mitglied des Stiftungsrats der Avenir Suisse und des JP Morgan International Council sowie Co-Vorsitzender der 2030 Water Resources Group. Im Rahmen seiner 40-jährigen Karriere bei Nestlé war er zwischen 2008 und 2016 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) der Nestlé AG. Zuvor bekleidete er unter anderem die Rolle eines Executive Vice President mit Verantwortung für die Zone Americas.



Purpose and Values during Crisis

President of Nestlé’s Board of Directors Paul Bulcke looks forward with a high degree of optimism despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Stressing how impressed he is with the people and institutions of Switzerland, Paul Bulcke observes how Swiss society has been and remains resilient and offers reassurance via-à-vis the precarious potential of sustained economic recovery. The importance of reflecting on where we are today and where we are heading in the future is clear. Confronted with uneasy questions it remains the highest priority to survive as entities with a purpose, keeping the questions of what we believe in, why we are doing what we are doing and what our everyday actions are. Nestlé is highly impacted by the current crisis, and the immediate and ongoing response has been to focus on solidarity, action to ensure the availability of essential products and solidarity with society. While trends have been accelerated by the pandemic, it is important to not lose sight of the same long-term threats, such as climate change, water scarcity and land degradation, among others.

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