Patrick Chappatte

Cartoonist, NZZ am Sonntag

Patrick Chappatte has been a cartoonist for NZZ am Sonntag since its launch in 2002. He also works for various titles in France, Germany and the United States.
Chappatte is a pioneer in the field of comic reportage, with more than 30 published stories on a variety of subjects, including the slums of Kenya, gang violence in Guatemala and death row in America.
For the past twenty years, with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, he has organized projects around the world to promote dialogue on human rights through comics. Chappatte is chairman of the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation in Geneva, which awards an international cartooning prize, the Kofi Annan Courage in Cartooning Award.



«Drawing cartoons? Yes, this is a job. You have to sit down. Sometimes you sit at your desk and after one hour of deep reflection there is nothing. It's a process. You work like everybody.»

Before the networking break, cartoonist Patrick Chappatte provided hearty laughs in the hall with his satirically entertaining cartoons on current world politics, technological developments and contemporary history. The Geneva-based artist mercilessly held up a mirror to executives; quite a few SEF participants obviously felt caught out when Chappatte showed modern people as servants of technology, for example.

Chappatte, co-founder and chairman of the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation, also got serious on the SEF stage and drew attention to the fact that drawing supposedly harmless cartoons for his colleagues is punished with repression and imprisonment in many countries.

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