Ola Orekunrin

CEO and Founder, Flying Doctors, Nigeria

Ola Orekunrin grew up with a foster family in London and graduated from medical school at just 21 years of age as one of the youngest in the country. She worked for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for ten years before founding Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) in 2007 after a family tragedy, when her ill sister passed away because she could not be flown to a hospital due to a lack of medical services in Nigeria. With Flying Doctors, Orekunrin wants to revolutionize emergency care in Africa. The medical-logistic company is the first domestic ambulance service in West Africa and now owns 20 aircraft. Ola Orekunrin has been named "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum for her exemplary commitment.



Africa as a place where one can have a great impact

Ola Orekunrin left everything behind and gave up a promising career to found the Flying Doctors in Nigeria when living through a family tragedy. She emphasizes that a rebranding of Africa as a place where one can have a great impact instead of linking it to an only aid-driven development. In this regard her company is a role model, focusing on financial sustainability and having a huge social scope. Linking back to Mark Dixon’s Keynote, she is interested in the opportunity for people to work from home, seeing a chance in this model for the mainly young African population.