Mark Schneider

CEO, Nestlé

Il a été CEO du groupe Fresenius de 2003 à 2016 et Chief Financial Officer de Fresenius Medical Care de 2001 à 2003. Il a occupé dès 1989 plusieurs postes de direction au sein du groupe Haniel, une multinationale privée basée en Allemagne. Mark Schneider est diplômé en finance et comptabilité de l'Université de Saint-Gall. Il est également titulaire d'un MBA de l'Université de Harvard.


Nestlé as a Global Corporation

Mark Schneider begins the interview by assuring that familiar and loved Nestlé products will be staying. Even though the corporation is leaving American food markets due to the small market share, their presence in Europe isn’t going anywhere. Nestlé’s diverse portfolio awards stability, but Mark Schneider underlines that having a wide focus and a narrow one for their specific sectors doesn’t represent a dichotomy for him. Nestlé’s shareholders are made up of many different demographics, however, he believes that this responsibility isn’t too much of a burden. The way people shop is changing, there isn’t any room for even slightly higher priced products that are needed in daily live, but people are often willing to pay more for items that have more personal value, for instance a car. Nestlé’s efforts to spread around the world necessitate an equal distribution of effort throughout the corporation, and Mark Schneider reassures that Switzerland will remain central. Pertaining to the hard decisions one has to make as CEO, he posits that its about managing risks and opportunities, but one would have to be a robot to be completely unaffected. Finishing the interview, he states the importance of Nestlé giving back through environmental efforts around the globe.