Lisa Eckhart

Cabaret artist & Author

Lisa Eckhart studied German and Slavonic languages and literature in Paris and Berlin. In 2016, she was named Best Newcomer at the Austrian Cabaret Awards for her first solo show, ‘Als ob Sie Besseres zu tun hätten’ (‘As if you had anything better to do'). This was followed by numerous other awards, including the 2018 German Kleinkunstpreis and the 2018 Hesse State Cabaret Prize. In 2017, her book ‘Metrische Taktlosigkeiten’ (‘Metric Gaffes’) was released by the theatrical publishers Schultz & Schirm. Her second solo show, ‘Die Vorteile des Lasters’ (‘The Benefits of Vice’), premièred in 2018. Her first novel, ‘Omama’, was published by Szolnay in August 2020, and her second, ‘Boum’, appeared in August 2022.