Howard Yu

Professeur LEGO de management et d’innovation, IMD Business School

Howard Yu est professeur LEGO de management et d’innovation pour la prestigieuse IMD Business School en Suisse et directeur d’un programme de formation à destination de professionnels. En 2015, il apparaissait dans la liste des «40 meilleurs professeurs de business de moins de 40 ans au monde», établie par Poets&Quants. En 2018, il figure dans la liste des trente leaders d’opinion «les plus susceptibles d’écrire l’avenir du management des organisations», selon Thinkers50. Il a créé des programmes de formations personnalisés pour des organisations leaders et a publié des articles dans Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, le Financial Times et le New York Times. Howard Yu est titulaire d’un doctorat de la Harvard Business School. Avant son doctorat, il a travaillé dans l’industrie bancaire à Hong Kong.


Innovation in Asia

In the technology rivalry between China and the USA, what leads to China’s continuous innovation? Prof. Howard Yu describes the state of the internet in China as one in which there is still room to grow, due to the internet not yet being as saturated as the USA. There is no dominant country that has filled every niche yet, and with a larger group of people using online shopping and, mobile payments and general e-commerce, there is plenty of competition. Competition leads to innovation and many Chinese companies start off as copy-cats and corner their market through low-tech but creative innovation before moving on to larger goals. Additionally, China has a much larger pool of end-users, continuously providing essentially free optimization. As to the role of Switzerland in this “spliternet”, Prof. Yu sees the country in an advantageous position as a potential liaison between the two sides.