Denys Shmyhal

Prime Minister , Ukraine

Denys Shmyhal has been Prime Minister of Ukraine since March 2020.
He started his political career in 2009 in the regional state administration of his native city of Lviv. In 2014, Denys Shmyhal was appointed Deputy Head of the Main Department of the Ministry of Revenue and Taxes in the Lviv region. Various regional posts followed before he became Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Municipalities and Territorial Development of Ukraine in Feb 2020.

Shmyhal graduated from Lviv National Polytechnic University in 1997 with a degree in production management (mechanical engineering) as an engineering economist. This was followed by his Ph.D. in economics in 2003.

From 1995 to 2009 Denys Shmyhal held management positions in companies in Lviv.