Daniel Grieder

designated CEO, Hugo Boss

Daniel Grieder is designated CEO of Hugo Boss. He was CEO of Tommy Hilfiger worldwide, based in Amsterdam, from 2014 to 2020 and at the same time head of Europe for the entire PVH group. He was instrumental in developing Tommy Hilfiger into one of the best-known premium lifestyle brands in the world. With his passion for innovation and digitalisation, he introduced the digital showroom and the store-of-the-future, decisively transformed the brand’s value chain and thus set new standards in the entire fashion industry. Owing to Daniel Grieder, the group is now represented in over 100 countries with more than 2,000 retail stores and worldwide sales of around 8.5 billion dollars.




Former Tommy Hilfiger CEO and designated CEO of Hugo Boss Daniel Grieder is in the middle of a mandatory twelve-month break before starting his new position. Starting immediately would have been a daunting task in the midst of a pandemic, but Daniel Grieder feels that crises offer opportunity. After over two decades with Tommy Hilfiger, he has witnessed a few, and claims that you always come out stronger on the other side. He does not want to emulate his success with Tommy Hilfiger at Boss, however, but rather bring with him experience and the right mindset. For him, that means being consumer centric, respecting your product and adaptability, the latter being exemplified by his faith in digitalization that lead to a very early adoption of digital platforms in the business despite finding very little support from those around him. Supply chains will become even more important in the fashion industry in the future due to an increased demand for personalization, and Daniel Grieder sees potential in optimizing supply chains by region to enable an improved customer experience. 

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