Dani Arnold

Bergsteiger und Bergführer

Dani Arnold ist ein professioneller Bergsteiger und Bergführer. 2011 beschloss er, seinem Beruf als Maschinenmechaniker den Rücken zu kehren, und einen unbekannten Weg in die Bergwelt einzuschlagen. Seither folgt er in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern der Erde seiner grossen Leidenschaft, dem Bergsteigen. Heute kann er auf verschiedene Speed-Rekorde, Erstbegehungen und weitere alpine Meilensteine zurückblicken. Trotz einiger Niederlagen und erfolgloser Expeditionen: Dani Arnold verlor nie die Freude am Bergsteigen sowie die Wertschätzung der Schönheit der Berge.



The First Step takes Courage

Dani Arnold recounts his experiences as a climber to illustrate exactly what “Walk the line” means to him. Presenting his more recent free climbing activities, he emphasizes the importance of caution while climbing when the smallest mistake could lead to catastrophe. Additionally, faith in one’s material is important, as well as feeling at ease, especially when pursuing such activities. Trusting your gut also plays a substantial role and being able to retreat and call things off when the negative aspects outweigh the positive. Growing up in Canton Uri, mountain climbing became a passion after the initial attempts as soccer were not as successful due to the extremely uneven terrain of the region. This leads into the next point, the importance of flexibility, being prepared to deal with different situations as they arise and having a plan B. Dani Arnold wraps up his presentation highlighting the need to have a goal to strive for and wishing everyone the courage to take the first step towards it.

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