Dania and Nils Kambly

Corporate Development / CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, Kambly SA

Dania and Nils Kambly both studied physics at the Lausanne Technical University (EPFL), subsequently completing their doctorate degrees. Dania Kambly, the daughter of Ursula and Oscar A. Kambly, has been a member of the family-owned company’s Board of Directors since 2011. Since 2017, she has been overseeing corporate development projects. After being appointed to the Board of Directors in 2017, her husband, Nils Kambly, commenced his duties for the family-owned company in 2018, joining its management in 2019. He has been CEO of the company and Delegate of the Board of Directors since 2020. As members of the fourth generation, the couple are steadily leading the Swiss family-owned company with the leading biscuit brand into a new era.