Aude Pugin

CEO, APCO Technologies SA

Swiss businesswoman Aude Pugin studied law at Fribourg University, becoming a licensed attorney in Geneva in the year 2000. She specialised in commercial law and spent many years working in the family office of a Greek family before joining the family-run company APCO Technologies in 2009. In her role as Chief Financial Officer, she was responsible not only for the company’s finances, but also for administration, HR and IT at this space-industry SME. Since 2017, Aude has been leading the Aigle-based technology company into the future as its CEO.



Innovation is not only a thing of start-ups

Aude Pugin is CEO of APCO Technologies SA involved in space travel: “Innovation is not only a thing of start-ups”, she says. Her field demands a high level of innovation, especially when compared with the American market. APCO’s being a small company allows a high flexibility and serves as a complement to their significantly bigger clients. Since the majority of the clientele is international, communication is one of their most important tools. Her being a role model is no big deal for Pugin, she believes in the change of mentalities and everyone’s sincere self-reflection.