Rudi & Rudi Jr. Bindella

Corporate Management, Bindella terra vite vita SA

The Bindella family has been devoted to Italy and its culture for over 100 years. They run 44 Italian restaurants across Switzerland, a wine shop and a plastering and decorating business, and also undertake property projects to secure the economic future of local areas. Their own vineyard in Tuscany, Tenuta Vallocaia, is testament to their expertise in wine. The firm is family-owned. Jean Bindella laid the foundations for the company’s current success when he began importing Chianti wines in 1909. His son Rudolf took over the reins in 1940 and continued the company’s dynamic expansion. He was succeeded in 1982 by his son Rudi, who focused largely on growing the catering and wine side of the business. His own son, Rudi Jr., representing the fourth generation of the family, joined the company’s more than 1,300-strong workforce in 2006. In 2018, he took on operational responsibility for the gastronomy, marketing and HR activities.



"Pride and passion are key"

The traditional family business Bindella Terra Vite Vita, which is best known for its 46 restaurants throughout Switzerland, is also struggling with the shortage of skilled workers.

"We have to adapt the framework conditions and enhance the reputation of the service profession in order to still get enough employees," said Rudi Bindella sr, who appeared at the SEF together with his son Rudi Bindella jr. During Corona, they kept in close contact with the employees. "Unfortunately, the Swiss are not born servants. But professional pride is very important. We are sure we are doing the most beautiful job in the world." Rudi sr. takes a critical view of the fundamental trend towards part-time work. Someone who enjoys the profession is son Rudi Jr. who has worked and lent a hand in all areas. "Even though I'm not particularly talented in service," says Rudi jr. who took over the operational management of the company in 2023. "Because he was not above doing anything and always showed gratitude and appreciation, Rudi Jr. became my successor," said the 75-year-old Bindella sr.

Professional competence is important when choosing a successor, but humanity and passion are even more important. And, Bindella sr. emphasised in conversation with moderator Carolin Roth, it is crucial to have a successor at all, because this is the only way to fulfil one's social responsibility towards one's employees.

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