The SEF.2020 programme sets the following priorities:

Economy: The pandemic has brought the Swiss economy to a standstill. At the same time, it dramatically reminded us of the interdependencies of the world. Dependencies in supply chains and the "just in time" philosophy suddenly become a political issue. How can managers persevere in the face of this existential threat and develop robust business models for the post-crisis period? Has globalisation had its day?

Technology: Digitalization plays a key role in the current situation. New technologies enable governments and NGOs to track and contain the spread of the virus. Industry is using them to develop new ways of working, reaching customers and managing supply chains. Is the crisis pushing the digital transformation of society and is it taking business models into previously untapped areas? Will it finally deal the death blow to cash?

Politics: The state is likely to emerge stronger from the crisis. Could a new state interventionism be the consequence? What effects does the coronavirus have on federalism? The SEF.2020 also deals with the effects on politics, the economy and society due to the indebtedness of many Swiss companies. How can we maintain the start-up and innovation culture?