Postponement Swiss Economic Forum on 2 / 3 September 2020

Postponement SEF

Since the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has banned all events until 19 April 2020, we are in close contact with the cantonal authorities regarding the organization of our conferences. Since health experts predict that the wave of coronavirus infections will peak in May and the ban on events may be extended until then, a postponement is unfortunately inevitable.

The Swiss Economic Forum, which was set to take place in May, will now take place on 2 / 3 September in Montreux.

A postponement presents us with many logistical and organisational challenges. We therefore regret very much that we will have to leave the Swiss Economic Forum’s home town on a one-off basis. A lack of room capacity, combined with insufficient hotel rooms available, has prompted us to take this step. We will be holding the SEF in French-speaking Switzerland for the first time in its 20-year history. In Montreux we have found a time window in which our needs can be largely covered and the SEF will be possible in its usual manner.

We are aware that there are currently many questions regarding the programme, tickets and hotels. We will try to answer them as soon as possible within the next few weeks. Answers to the most urgent concerns can be found in the Q&A below.

We believe that especially in these difficult times it is important to create a place to talk about the crisis. Hopefully, in September, we will be able to look back on recent events with renewed strength, inspire each other and work together to find solutions for the recovery of the Swiss economy.

We thank you for your understanding.

Corine Blesi

Managing Director Swiss Economic Forum AG


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EU framework agreement, US elections, trade war: The start to 2020 is overshadowed by a high degree of economic and political uncertainty for Swiss SMEs. Successfully leading companies into the future nevertheless requires good risk awareness. When was the last time you took a business risk and deviated from the path embarked upon? Taking conscious and well-calculated risks and taking the possibility of failure into account are all part and parcel of entrepreneurship. They are key elements of Switzerland as a nation of opportunity. A study conducted by the Swiss Economic Institute KOF at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich nevertheless indicates that our SMEs are increasingly abandoning their innovation activities. Our claim „Walk the Line?“ aims to inspire participants to take more risks and to find the courage to experiment. By inviting unconventional speakers, the SEF.2020 aims to broaden horizons and illustrate that success is often achieved by adopting unorthodox approaches. You can look forward to meeting incredible people, engaging in fascinating discussions and a touch of Johnny Cash!