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Cast-iron certainties are suddenly being challenged. In this increasingly complex world, openness and curiosity are central factors in determining success. However, modern management often focuses on standards, routine and benchmarks. Daring alternatives are being sacrificed in favour of the current norm. Nevertheless, a willingness to consider new ideas, a pragmatic approach to contradictions and a love of experimentation get us further than rigid adherence to traditional structures and business models.

The SEF.2018 motto is “hello from the other side”.

Because the opposite of every truth also contains a grain of truth, we open the door in Interlaken to ambiguity, searching for balance, showing Yang as well as Yin. We switch perspectives and welcome participants from the other, unknown side. Together we dispense with dogma, prejudice and fixed principles. In their place, we use opposites as a source of inspiration, contrasts as food for thought and dissent as an opportunity.

The SEF.2018 is becoming the Discovery Channel. On its 20th anniversary, it is offering a journey of discovery, partly also into unknown worlds. As Shakespeare wrote, “Sweet are the uses of adversity”. With this in mind, we look forward to expanding our horizons together with you in Interlaken.



23./24. may 2019

The registration platform for SEF.2019 will be open from January 2019.